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Think on these "things": Success and greatness is not about the things you acquire in life but the lessons you learn in life that help you understand what things are important in your life and why. "Why" you have things is much more important to know, understand, and realize than just having the things themselves.

There is a place in your life for every "thing", and every "thing" that is supposed to be a part of your destiny and purpose in your life has a place. Things don't define you and they're not supposed to. They're only tools that you must understand why they're in your life and you must learn how to use them in order to fulfill your purpose and destiny. They were created to serve you; you were not created to serve them.

If you are defined by things, then who you are is displaced, your character is filled with unmanaged flaws, and the things in your life are what makes you happy rather than you enjoying life, who you were made to be and loving yourself. Put the things in your life back into their rightful place and live a life of fullness. When you do, success is automatic because you've found it in being who you were created to be.