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There's certainly no denying, we all have a past. And what lies in that part of our lives, whether good or bad, has shaped much of who we are. How we have managed our past dictates much of who we are.

If it was good, for the most part, then we have many great memories to reflect on and hope that we never forget. If it was horrific and terrifying, then we will do all we can to not remember those bad memories, even if it means indulging in life activities that cross the lines of morality, all just to forget.
Managing our past memories takes practice, some maneuvering, and constantly developed skill. What we learn in how we are to manage our past has to be done in a fashion where we learn to live with what has happened, understand that there's nothing we can do to change it, and live our lives with optimism and enthusiasm. Also, we must stay mentally prepared for whatever comes our way and deal accordingly with life's issues that happen unexpectedly.

We must understand that the past is not a place where we are supposed to live our lives. We are designed to live in the most present of tenses and live to look forward to a greatly planned future. Living in the past causes a mental breakdown whereby the mind almost becomes confused because it is accustomed to moving in a forward progression and has become stagnant. It then adjusts to this "place" that has been created and relives the (bad or good) memories in a looped pattern. This stunts growth and causes the body to function in a way and manner that it was not designed to.

Memories have a distinct place in our lives. Their design is to help us learn. We are not to live our lives according to memories but according to purpose.