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Many times in life, it's easy for us to become satisfied with where we are. We get settled in the place where we have become comfortable. This is not always a good thing because "life happens and changes without your permission." Hence, knowing when one door closes and recognizing the new one that's opening.
Sometimes it hard to accept that a door is closing because we're afraid to move forward through the new one. It's because many times we're afraid of the unknown. We often fear what we don't understand. And trying to understand why one door closes and the purpose for going through the new door can be a little frightening.

We must learn to embrace change enough to the point that we are open to new doors, new things, new horizons. When one door closes, there is purpose behind it, and it's not always for us to understand, but to simply move forward and walk through it. The new door that opens is all for your purpose that's set before you. Embrace it and look forward to a new and brighter future.