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There really is no such thing as "common sense".

Ok, so I have watched this group for quite some time since I was humbly made a member and I finally have something to post to see what this wonderful community would say in response. This is for many in the Church who ascribe to this about other Believers in the Body.

I posted this on my newsfeed one week:

Ok, I'm just going to put this out here; not to start an uproar but to lend to what I believe is the truth. There really is no such thing as "common sense". What is 'commonly' referred to as "common sense" is very, very relative and is NOT Kingdom Culture. The meaning of the word "common" is as follows:

Belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question.

This would dictate that when you say to a person, "That's just common sense!" would mean that the information that is being referred to as "common sense" is shared alike by you and the person or people you are saying that to. This would also mean that you and the person (or people) in question would had to have been exposed to the (same) information you have at the same time, grew up in the same environment, culture, etc., AND comprehend and process the information the same way, which, sadly enough for those who feel that way, everyone does not.

Everyone did not grow up in the same neighborhood and culture as you did so to imply something as common knowledge is quite relative and very obtuse.

To say that to a person who has not been exposed to the same information and/or culture as you and to imply that they should know that information by default is truly a grave misnomer, a gross misconception, and can be downright demeaning. And you may or may not know what is "commonly" said about those who 'assume'… So take this as food for thought the next time you think about telling someone, "That's just common sense."