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One of the keys to dealing with pain in your life, as with any emotional precursor, is how you manage it. And you can manage your life, your emotions, even the changes that happen and take place in your life. Management of these factors and circumstances simply means being in control and not letting those circumstances and situations control you.
Can you control the pain that comes into your life? Absolutely not. Can you control how that pain affects you? Yes you can! That’s the management part.

Allow the changes that come into your life to help shape you into what you were predestined to be. Don’t run away from the pain that life’s changes take you through. Know that it is always for the betterment of your life and your character. Look deep within yourself and focus on what your purpose in life is. The changes that come into your life and bring pain are, ironically enough, designed to build you in every area of your life that pertains to your purpose.