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It's a wonderful feeling to experience accomplishing something. Whether great or small, feeling triumph gives such a sense of achievement that many times can be unmatched. Life will continually pose obstacles, many of which are purposed by design to bring out of you what was placed in you so that you could fulfill your purpose. One key thing to realize is that you have within you the ability to overcome every obstacle already, so therefore, attaining victory is inevitable (incapable of being avoided or evaded.)
The size of the obstacle doesn't matter. What matters most is your attitude toward every obstacle that postures itself against you. Once you begin to appreciate the smaller victories in your life, the larger ones are just a more “grand scale” event for you and every time you experience that feeling of triumph it will remain with you. It will serve as a reminder of what you are truly capable of when you determine to press through any and every adverse circumstance that comes against you and your life. The joy and exultation that sweeps over your soul will be what is waiting for you at the end of every trial.

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